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Beers that are twice – and thrice – the fun!

It’s been a great year for Green’s; we’ve attended a huge number of events and made lots of friends in the craft beer, free from and vegan world as well as adding two more beers to our UK range. The latest additions, our Green’s Dubbel Ale and Green’s Tripel Ale have been extremely popular and taken home a couple of awards; The Tripel won Silver and the Dubbel took the Gold in the Free From Food Awards 2017! We’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the response to our Dubbel and Tripel, but we’ve also found that we’ve been fielding a lot of questions about exactly what these beers are.


Dubbel and Tripel are both Belgian beer styles and are much loved across the world. Dubbels started as Trappist beers, brewed in the Westmalle Abbey about 150 years ago as a strong version of their brown ale. Dubbel became a beer style after World War Two and lots of other breweries started using the name to describe their take on the original Dubbel produced by the Trappist brewers.  As a general rule, a Dubbel beer is dark and quite strong, usually between 6-8% ABV. The beers themselves have a rich mouthfeel with a lot of body, which leaves people with a chocolatey sensation without the bitterness that would liken it more to coffee. The fruitiness is often likened to raisins or dark cherry.  Green’s Dubbel is the world’s first version to made entirely from Ancient Grains whilst still keeping the dark sugar and toffee flavours with a traditional Belgian yeast bouquet.


It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that if Dubbel is a strong brown ale, then a Tripel would be an even stronger brown ale, but it’s not the case! Tripels were again first produced by Westmalle Abbey, but are only around 60-70 years old and these are very strong blond ales. Some people believe that Tripel refers to either the strength or the wort used to produce the beer, which could lead to beers approximately 3%, 6% or 9% – with the Tripel being around the 9% mark. Neither of these theories are particularly provable, though! These blond beers are generally a lot lighter than their strength would suggest, with quite a light body but a richness and a full-flavour that proves to be very enticing! There are generally a lot of herbal notes, but with quite a light fruity finish, with sensations of candied fruit and sweetness. Green’s Tripel is again the first to be produced entirely from Ancient Grains and it’s quite an achievement to produce such a full-bodied beer without using barley!


As any beer aficionado knows, Belgium has an almost incalculable number of beer styles to choose from, but Dubbel and Tripel ales are two of the more popular, having been produced by breweries all over the world. They’re wonderfully complex and each has its own set of delicate nuances; Green’s are incredibly proud to have made outstanding and award-winning versions of these beers and to have made them available to a whole new world of people!