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Green's new Belgian style gluten free beer

Green’s is bringing something unique to the gluten free beer aisle once again, with two new Belgian style beers.

Naturally gluten free, each new Belgian brew offers something for every beer consumer; a taste of the dark-side with full-bodied Green’s Dubbel Ale and a lighter delivery with aromatic Green’s Tripel Ale.

The latest additions to the Ancient Grains range of gluten free beers boast all the attributes common among celebrated Belgian-style beers. Namely, bottled-conditioned brews to ensure an effervescence quality on pour, complex aromas and rich flavours.

Taking the Ancient Grain’s range to five-strong, pioneering brewers, Green’s, are renowned for their unique and complex brewing approach that does not use wheat nor barley in the brewing process.

Both new products have been brewed with an alternative process that uses long forgotten grains of buckwheat, millet, sorghum and brown rice husks to deliver a naturally glute free ale option for consumers, whether purchase decisions are health or lifestyle based.

Resulting in Green’s Dubbel Ale that’s the world’s first version of this ‘second style’ beer, so named as the monastic breweries first producing the ale did so with twice the grain as a regular beer, produced from all naturally gluten free ingredients.

On taste, the Dubbel Ale hits the classic Belgian mark of creatively crafted beers with a hint of dark sugar and toffee flavour, with a traditional Belgian yeast aroma.

Likewise, Green’s Tripel Ale is so named thanks to the brewing process that sees brewers use up to three times the amount of grains, a Tripel produced without barley is particularly rare and an accomplishment for British brand, Green’s.

Strength, spice, phenol aromas with rich flavour profiles are not normally associated with a light body, yet Green’s Tripel Ale is just that. An aromatic long finish ensures this tipple as a modern-day Belgian classic brew.

Thanks to ancient grains, the Green’s range of gluten-free beers is gentle on the digestive system and contains no wheat. The range also boasts healthier attributes than mainstream alternatives. With higher levels of protein, vitamins and nutrients, as well as probiotic benefits.