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Let's talk about grains

Gluten is a protein component found in certain grains, notably wheat and barley. For coeliacs, who are intolerant to this protein, they must avoid it, and so beers can present something of a challenge.

However, the modern diet is over-loaded with gluten and increasingly health professionals recommend all of us cutting down to aid the digestive system Why? Because gluten is inflammatory and can aggravate the gut lining.

So what can we do if we love beer but wish to avoid or reduce our intake of gluten?

Why not try gluten free beer brewed from alternative grains, or ones with gluten removed, both offered from the original pioneers of the genre, Green’s.

brewing process

ingredients: All gluten free

Sorghum, Millet, Buckwheat, Brown Rice - Ancient Grains.
Non-GMO yeast strains. 10 different hops from Europe, with the addition of U.S. and New Zealand hops for aroma.

The Knowledge

Finely filtered and oxygen free water, by flushing with CO2, gives our beers a pure base to hydrate our dry-milled cereals. This may sound excessive, but it means no oxidisation can occur. To ensure we retain the full flavour of the beers, we don't heat treat or pasteurise. Call us purists, but we like to taste each and every flavour in our beer.

The grains

For several of our beers, we use ancient grains instead of malted barley to deliver a more flavoursome beer, and so we can be more creative with our use of hops. We use a handpicked selection of five hops from around the world - Target, Willamette, Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe and Amarillo - to create crisp, light lagers, rich amber and dark ales.

the benefit

Sorghum, millet and brown rice have high trace elements of minerals such as zinc (triple that of barley based beers) selenium, manganese and magnesium . They are high in proteins to help muscle growth, and rich in B vitamins, especially Niacin B3 for healthy skin and B6 for oxygenating blood (50% more than conventional beers).
Buckwheat in particular is packed with nutrients and antioxidants like rutin and tannins, known for promoting healthy blood vessels and circulation. A low GI index supports more stable blood sugar levels too.

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