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The Rise in Popularity of Gluten Free Beer

Beer drinking is a pastime associated with experimentation. Even after discovering a favourite beer, many beer drinkers are still open to trying something new. Therein lies some of the excitement in drinking a beverage so diverse in taste. Enter gluten free beer. Gluten free beer has been around for about 15 years and was initially brewed so people with gluten allergies and conditions such as coeliac disease could still partake in beer drinking. In the past few years however, gluten free beer has been catapulted into the sphere of popular alcoholic drinks for everyone to enjoy. Here’s why gluten-free products have become a more likely choice for drinkers across the globe.

A lifestyle choice

In current times, living gluten-free is not just about managing a health condition, it’s a lifestyle choice. About 1% of people in the UK suffer with coeliac disease, though many more live their lives by gluten-free principles. Food and drink manufacturers have risen to the challenge of proving that living gluten-free does not mean compromising on taste and enjoyment. With a bigger selection available than ever before, gluten free products not only appeal to consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle but to those wanting to experiment with different tastes and textures. Gluten free beer has therefore become more readily available for all to try and enjoy.

Explosion of the craft beer market

In the USA in particular the craft beer industry has more than doubled its production in the last 5 years. This has had a knock on effect in the UK with the introduction of craft beer pubs and a bigger selection of beers becoming available in supermarkets of transatlantic brands and homemade additions. With gluten-free becoming a popular lifestyle trend, it’s no surprise that brewers have introduced more gluten free options. With the craft beer culture being one of experimentation, many people try gluten free beer out of curiosity and develop a preference for it based on taste and satisfaction.

Consumption by proxy

In the UK, 10% of households contain someone who believes gluten is bad for them. Living with someone who consumes gluten free food and drink inevitably sparks interest and increases the likelihood of trying and enjoying gluten free products at home. Socially, if there is someone living gluten free, groups are more likely to visit pubs and restaurants with a gluten free menu. Pubs are realising this and are steadily providing a bigger selection of gluten free beers. Appealing to the experimentation element of beer drinking, many people are trying them and enjoying them. Going beyond just being an option in the pub or the supermarket, beer festivals are now being put on entirely devoted to gluten free beers.
Gluten free beer is becoming a recognised staple of pubs and supermarket shelves – this is a response to increasing demands. The actions of consumers speak for themselves. Gluten free beer is a tasty alternative to conventional beers without compromising on taste, brewed for the enjoyment of everyone.

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