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Who is Drinking Gluten Free Beer and What it Means to Them

Globally, the gluten free beer market is set to grow by more than 40% between 2016 and 2021. This is not surprising as it’s a specialist beer for anyone and everyone. Many people have health and dietary requirements, though a good proportion simply love the taste and variety of flavours offered by an ever expanding and competitive industry. The kind of people who drink gluten free beer are as follows:

People seeking more control  over their diet

Research from the UK shows that 8% of Brits avoid gluten as part of a healthy lifestyle with only 5% avoiding it due to an allergy or intolerance. This goes to show that many people see gluten free beer as a healthier option. What’s more, the popular Paleo diet aims to restrict or eliminate grains from the diet, making speciality beers with grains deemed to be healthier, a more viable alternative for weight-loss and optimal health. Many gluten free beers also exclude animal derivatives so are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well. Some say that women are more attracted to this type of beer, finding it causes less bloating. Having more control over your diet, without cutting out much-loved products such as beer entirely, allows people to lead happier lives and achieve what they perceive as a healthier lifestyle.

People who have a food intolerance or allergy

Unfortunately, some people become very unwell if they ingest certain ingredients, but it shouldn’t mean they can’t enjoy the foods and drinks they love. Speciality beers from producers such as Greens are not only free from gluten but from nuts, mustard, sesame seeds, sulphur and sulphites. This makes it an attractive choice for bee -lovers who have a food allergy, intolerance or coeliac disease (where gluten can cause serious discomfort). Gluten free beer has allowed people who previously had to avoid drinking ale the opportunity to enjoy the taste and social elements of drinking beer once again.

A tasty alternative to conventional beer

High popularity and demand has led to the increased production of beers brewed from ancient grains. The US has experienced the biggest growth in the gluten free beer market with a significant increase in the number of breweries, leading to increased consumption. Although gluten free beer started as a health trend, beer producers have realised there is a market for it, leading to more product launches and greater availability in the beer drinking community.

More people are getting the opportunity to try gluten free beer and develop a taste for it. Drinkers may not realise that gluten free beers are often brewed from ancient grains such as sorghum, millet and buckwheat. This gives the opportunity for beer drinkers to try something different; to gain a sense of what grains used throughout history and in different cultures actually taste like. For all beer drinkers, gluten free beer offers an opportunity to enjoy something different and experiment with the different tastes and textures it has to offer.

To find out more about our full range of gluten free beers, visit Green’s online shop.